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Alexis starts to setup for the Easter party Priscilla and Chris setup the coloring station Chefs Chuck and Vick show Russ their pancakes Chuck pours a fresh batch of pancakes
Vick gets ready to flip some flapjacks Everybody did their job and it was a great success Bunny helper Tonya takes a coffee break Rodger and Fred get ready to serve our guests
Alexis looks for her favorite flavor of jellybeans My Easter egg was this big Priscilla tells Gene If his Marine buddies could see him now! Sydney colors her Easter picture
Good job Sydney - looks like a winner Everyone loved our fabulous pancakes and sausages Al explains the true meaning of Easter Jim colors as his wife Dee watches carefully
Just three of the crowd satisfied with their meal Chris and Lou take a break Where are your bunny ears Dave - oh I see them now Rodger and Russ enjoying their breakfast
Chris & Husband Joe enjoy a plate full of pancakes Jennifer can't get them down fast enough Dave chows down a plate full of pancakes too! Ed and his wife get served their pancakes
Hey Chuck we need another batch of pancakes Chuck says they're just about ready Kenny proudly shows the picture he colored Sydney shows us her picture
Joe, Chris and daughter Jennifer get ready to eat Tyler gets some breakfast Tyler and Kenny get ready to hunt for Easter eggs Tylers mom Sue checks out the breakfast food
Best pancakes we ever ate says Ed and his wife Joe watches to make sure they stay in the lines! Chris and Tonya color their pictures Gene and Russ have some breakfast - Chuck rests
Our beautiful Easter coloring pictures The first of our beautiful pictures The second group of beautiful pictures The last group of our beautiful pictures
Everybody loves to color Even the tables had beautiful pictures on them Let the games begin - Musical Easter eggs Start walking while the music plays
Watch out for any obstacles in your way When the music stops you must be on an egg No pushing Sue - Let the poor kid take the spot Down to two players left - Which one will win?
Looks like we have ourselves a tie! Our two musical egg game winners - Kenny & Tyler It's hard bowling with big eggs It's even harder to catch them!
Good job Jennifer OOPS! Jennifer threw a long one over Kenny's head Lou gets ready to toss an egg Watch out everyone Lou is about to throw his egg
Look under the Bingo machine Jennifer Tyler looks hard for hidden eggs Sydney says I give up Eggs full of candy and maybe a special treat
Gold dollars in their eggs - WOW Water grenade toss outside of post was a big hit Ron tosses a grenade to Lou in the first game Hang on Chris
Sydney tries her luck at Easter egg ring toss She just missed a ringer Tylers turn Kenny has a shot at it
Watch out Tyler Jennifer just misses a ringer Sydney tries again Sydney's mom Pam gives it a try
Ron thinks it's easy but he finds out it's not Fred tosses them all but comes up short Priscilla takes a stab at it Jennifer gives it another try
I know I can do it says Sydney Tonya shows us her way but no ringers Kenny moves the stakes but it's not any easier
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